About the Show

Welcome to the SHAFF SHOW podcast.  An organic comedy podcast featuring local talents, events and adventures in the Baltimore/Annapolis/D.C area:

CALL THE SHOW: 470-222-6497  Leave a message and we’ll play it on the show.  Want to correct us, have something funny to say, or an event or gig to promote …let us know and we’ll play your messages!

“Shaff is a tall asian american with years of radio and life experience. He’s traveled to over 50 countries and brings an interesting perspective as host of the show.”

“Phil is a short comedian with power and passion! He lives the bachelor’s life and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Born and raised in Maryland, he’ll bring the hometown pride!”

Together they make The Shaff Show a weekly roundup with ocasional guests and discussions of pop culture, music, sports, and the daily lives of Shaff and Phil.



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